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Legal separation can be helpful for many couples who are unsure whether they want the finality of a divorce. Perhaps you and your spouse have discussed getting divorced, but are unable to commit to taking conclusive legal action. The option to legally separate can ease the tension of making such a decision right away and provide the space you desire.

Serving as a Huntington divorce lawyer at James F. Hagney, Esq., P.C. has allowed me to successfully assist countless clients during one of the most momentous decisions of their lives. I am committed to giving you the support you need as you pursue legal separation. 

Child Custody Attorney
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Divorce can be a long and arduous process. When children are involved, it can become even more complicated and frustrating. As a dedicated family law attorney, I understand how important it is for you to protect your parental rights and the interests of your children. My name is James F. Hagney, and I have been serving families in Huntington throughout Suffolk County for almost three decades.

Paternity Attorney
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Answering the question of "who is the father?" is often much more complicated than it sounds and many choose to simply ignore the legal process involved. However, establishing paternity is vital for you and your child. Doing so provides your child with rights and benefits that they would not have otherwise.

Child Support Lawyer
Obtain the Support You Need for Your Family

If one parent ends up with custody of the child, the noncustodial parent will likely be required to pay child support. The purpose of child support is to assist in the financial responsibilities that come with caring for and raising a child. No matter which side of a child support dispute you are on, it is important to receive quality representation from an experienced Huntington divorce law attorney. 

Visitation Attorney
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It seems that after a divorce or separation has been finalized, most people breathe a sigh of relief. The papers have been signed and the hard decisions are out of the way. But for parents, it can feel like the real work has just begun. Custody and visitation decisions have a huge impact on the entire family and can invoke a great deal of stress.

As a divorce attorney in Huntington, NY with nearly 30 years of experience, I understand what you're going through. Family law is a delicate matter and I can give you the tools you need to create a visitation schedule that makes sense for you, your children, and your former spouse without sacrificing your ultimate goals

Spousal Maintenance Lawyer
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Maintenance is also classified as spousal support because it reflects the amount that one party pays to the other during or after divorce. Maintenance orders are issued to ensure that the lower-income spouse is able to continue to live in the same manner as or a similar manner to how he or she did during the course of the marriage.

Also known as alimony, spousal support is also a way to provide one party with the time and resources to gain skills or training to become self-sufficient. Contact my firm for the legal guidance you need from a Huntington, NY divorce attorney! 

Domestic Violence Lawyer
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At James F. Hagney, Esq., P.C., I handle both sides of domestic violence cases to protect the rights of my clients. Victims of domestic violence and those who are accused of violence will have much to worry about, especially in the midst of a divorce case. Contact my firm today for effective representation during this difficult time.

  • I have 30+ years of experience in family law cases.
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Modification Lawyer
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For many divorced couples, what worked five years ago just won't work today. Life changes often necessitate the need for mirrored changes in child custody, child support, and alimony orders, and while most courts do recognize the need for updated orders, this doesn't mean they are always easy to obtain.

Modifications to your divorce orders require an in-depth knowledge of New York's divorce laws. As a divorce attorney serving Suffolk and Nassau County, I can work to ensure that your best possible outcome is reached. Whatever you're facing, you can feel confident knowing my counsel is backed by nearly 30 years of experience. 

Fathers' Rights Lawyer
Protecting Your Fathers' Rights During a Divorce

For years, United States courts widely recognized the mother as holding the more significant role in a child's life. Thus, 'maternal preference' was often the outcome of most custody disputes whether the child's best interests were upheld or not. The arrival of the 1970's brought about changes to this reoccurring theme, much to the satisfaction of dads across the country.

While there have been serious strides made for the rights of a father during divorce, there is still far to go. As an experienced Huntington divorce lawyer, I understand the unique challenges a man faces in the midst of marital separation. At James F. Hagney, Esq., P.C., I provide trusted representation all throughout Suffolk & Nassau Counties​.

Grandparents' Rights Lawyer
What Are My Legal Rights as a Grandparent?

When a married couple obtains a divorce, it affects the child's relationships with many different parties, including his or her grandparents. As an experienced Huntington family law attorney, I can help you with issues involving grandparents' rights. I know the importance of maintaining a relationship with your grandchild or grandchildren and I seek to help you protect that bond. 

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer
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A prenuptial agreement is a contract that two individuals will enter prior to be married. While many think prenuptial agreements, or prenups, are used solely to mandate financial futures if a divorce should occur, these legal documents can actually be much more diverse. Prenups can be beneficial for both future spouses, enabling them to create protections to prevent disputes over assets, child custody, spousal support, property division, and other significant matters. When both spouses are on the same page, it can provide peace of mind, even if minor disputes or arguments arise in the future. 

Property Division Lawyer
Counsel from a Nassau County Divorce Attorney

In the divorce process, you will eventually come to the part of property division. This time can often lead to complex issues and disputes, as determining what is marital and separate property can quickly become confusing and convoluted. That is why having a strong Huntington, NY divorce lawyer guiding you along the process is vital for receiving the outcome you desire.

At James F. Hagney, Esq., P.C., I can provide strong legal advocacy you need during the property division process. I can effectively guide you through each step while advising you with knowledgeable legal counsel to ensure you receive a fair settlement

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Mediation Services

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Divorce can be messy. Disagreements arise, disputes put loved ones in the crossfire, and stress rattles your thoughts, all over trying to come to an agreement with your spouse over marital matters. Divorce agreements can be difficult to accomplish when working one-on-one with your spouse and may require additional time and finances to settle in court, which is why so many people choose mediation as an effective solution.

At James F. Hagney, Esq., P.C., I can provide mediation services to help you and your spouse come to a mutual agreements, avoiding the hassle of having a judge settle matters in court. By creating open lines of communication and providing fair counsel and guidance, you and your spouse can make unified decisions.

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As a successful trial attorney with decades of legal experience, I understand the pressures that you are facing as you pursue a positive case resolution. In today's society, not every marriage lasts. Although New York has a relatively low divorce rate, there is an increasing trend in the number of marriages that end early.

Part of the reason for New York's lower divorce rate is the complexities involved in the state's divorce laws. At James F. Hagney, Esq., P.C., I handle a wide range of divorce cases to help clients resolve their specific issues. I can help you navigate the following types of family law cases:

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